Veterinary Consult 101

A very short 101 note for those of you who quickly need to know what to do next. You are on the verge of acquiring a puppy from a local pet store. Or you have taken in a stressed but rather docile stray cat that does not want to leave your house.

You have been warned about puppy puddles. And you are at your wit’s end trying to calm the poor cat down. Not so easy to bundle this little one into the back of your car to take to the shoreview veterinary clinic because it may have already been traumatized by a harrowing journey of neglect. The little puppy, on the other hand, might just take to your car. Dogs in general, once they’ve settled down domestically, love going for rides in people’s cars.

shoreview veterinary clinic

But cats? Even the healthiest domesticated felines have no tolerance or liking for cars and loud wild traffic noises. They are very sensitive and afraid of such mobility and wish to remain secure within their marked out domestic territory. In view of the fact that you simply cannot take the poor animal to the veterinary clinic, you will have the other alternative of contacting it online. Talk to them over a live video link.

Or simply phone the clinic and one of the vet’s assistants should be able to fill you in about what needs to happen next. Ultimately, these poor animals will have to be brought in for inoculations and a thorough first-time checkup. Perhaps you can arrange with the veterinary service for a van to come and take care of the animals on your behalf. But you still need to go along for the ride. The vet needs to give you a good guide on how to take good and proper care of the little animals in the future.