Are Squirrels a Danger at Your Home?

If you think those squirrels climbing up and down the trees in your backyard all day are cute and cuddly, you couldn’t be any more wrong. Many people share the same thought about the squirrel, unaware that it actually poses many threats and dangers at their home. Did you know that a squirrel is a rodent that is cousin to the mouse and rat? That’s just one shocking fact that many people don’t consider about the squirrel.

Squirrels Carry Many Diseases

Squirrels can transmit Lyme disease and salmonella to humans. Ticks feed on squirrels and this is one way that it is transmitted. It is also possible to come into contact with a rabid squirrel which carries the rabies virus. A squirrel that is infected with rabies is a very aggressive, dangerous animal. It is rare for this to happen but nonetheless possible.

There are More Squirrel Dangers to Ponder

Aside from the dangers that you face when there are squirrels in the backyard, there are also risks to your property and to your pets. It is not unusual for squirrels to make your attic their new home. They leave a smell behind that is nothing pleasant and carry all those diseases. They chew on every structure they can and may even cause damage to the wiring in your home.

What to Do if You Suspect Squirrels on Your Property

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If there are squirrels at your home, it is safe to say that you need to call a professional for squirrel removal dallas as soon as you can. The faster that the service is used, the faster you can regain your peace of mind and confidence once again. You enjoy living a comfortable life and this is one way that it can happen.