9 Reasons to Buy a Puppy

If there isn’t a dog in the home already, it is the perfect time of year to change that. Nothing makes life better than a four-legged furry friend, especially if you get the dog when it is still a puppy. Read below to learn 9 of the biggest reasons to get a puppy without delay to add to your home.

1.    Puppies are soft, cuddly, and so affordable. Really, who can resist a puppy and those amazing little licks that he offers to his loyal masters?

2.    With all those qualities, can you really think of anyone or anything better to cuddle with than a puppy? They’ll keep your heart happy.

3.    You will stay active and fit as a dog owner because he needs to be walked on a regular basis. Those trips to the doggie park are always nice.

4.    You can take your pick of many different breeds of puppies, including the cute and tiny akc schnauzer puppies. This breed is one that is good with kids, as a bonus.

akc schnauzer puppies

5.    You have kids. Every child needs a childhood that includes a puppy!

6.    A puppy is a great companion. He always listens to what you say (unless he is feeling honorary that day) and never has anything bad to say.

7.    You can find a puppy at a great cost if you compare rates. You might even find a pet for free or you can by one from the local pet store. Or, you can be a hero and choose a rescue puppy instead.

8.    Being a dog owner is a lot of responsibility but it teaches kids so much about life and keeps you on your toes.

9.    You can reduce stress levels, blood pressure rates, and otherwise improve your health as a dog owner. It isn’t just talk; stats prove it.